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Specialities from Burgundy

Restaurants nearby
Restaurant de la Place, 4, rue de Dijon, 21490 Ruffey-lès-Echirey, ouvert le midi
In Dijon
Le Pourquoipas, 13 rue Monge, 21000 Dijon,
Asia restaurants in Dijon

For children - Arcobranche - Informations générales Côte d’Or

Where do we get our products?

For the cheese,
For the meat and eggs, "Multiferm" in Asnières-lès-Dijon, directly from the producers,who are working respectfully with nature and animals.
For the bread, bakery in Ruffey-lès-Echirey and "Délices de Paradis" in Asnières-lès-Dijon

Construction of our B&B

Wood construction from Engelhardt und Geissbauer
Architects, Studiomustard,
Electricity: Boostelec in Longvic